Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Who You Are is Really Enough

I fully believe this. Who you are, you who are reading this right now, IS enough. There is nothing you need to add to yourself or take away from yourself. Just as you are, right now, is right. It's enough.

How do I know this? Well, as a mother I can see that this is true for my son. And I can see it's also true of my best friends' children, and my cousins' darling girls and in fact, I can extend that and see that it is true of all children. Especially babies. It's super easy to see the innocent perfection of a baby.

And so I then follow that thought through to the child growing up. As the child grows (as you grew, and as I grew too) we all just added layers of "stuff". Our egos developed "personalities" (whatever that word means!) and we started to believe things about ourselves (ie: I am good at this, I am bad at that, I am kind, I am cruel, I am clever, I am stupid, I am attractive or ugly, etc....)

All these labels and ideas and beliefs about ourselves are just that. Labels. Ideas. Beliefs. They are not the truth of who we are. I can see it so clearly in my child (who is just starting to pick up on labels) which is why I KNOW without a shadow of doubt that it is true for us all.

But what about murderers and rapists? I stand firm in saying it's true for them as well. Who they are is enough, too. I know that a lot of us find that a preposterous thing to contemplate, but in my heart, my mothering heart, I know that they were not born as murderers and rapists. They were born, as we all were, as bundles of soft innocence and somewhere along life's rocky path (and guaranteed their paths were very rocky) they lost their way and they lost themselves.

So I am not saying that their actions are good or right. Of course not. No, we all act out in crazy ways when we feel as if our backs are against the wall. We all do silly things like overspend, over-eat, smoke, drink or take drugs. We may be sarcastic to our loved ones. Grumpy. Say something cruel that we don't really mean. You get it. We ALL are capable in some ways of unloving and bad behavior. So extend that to a person who is alone and lost and living on the streets and you can sort of comprehend how they do what they do.

But it's not the behavior I am looking at here. Behavior can be totally unacceptable and yet you can still love the person. The truth of that person, I mean. I am looking at our essence. Your essence. Which I believe is there in you still. In me still. And will be in my son even when he is forty years old and life has knocked him down many times. He will still be enough, he will still be the essence of the perfect little boy I see so clearly in him now. By then he may have forgotten it. By then he may be a grumpy old sod, or he may be a loving and calm man. I don't know. But deep down the truth of who he is will still be enough. He will just have to remember that.

And so I say to you, no matter the externals of your life and your situation, deep inside of you is a light, and that light IS enough.

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