Friday, October 10, 2014

A media fast. Go!

I urge you to go on a media fast. I promise you, you will feel so refreshed. It will clear your head and give you breathing space. Without even having to go away on holiday.

What is a media fast? Quite simply, it's like a food fast, but with media. No phones, (only for calls coming in, if you have to) no computer, no internet, no ipads, no movies or screen time at all. For any length of time you decide.

If you can do it for a week, that's fantastic. If that's too long, just do one day. That's really all you'll need to feel revived.

I have done it now and then, to varying degrees, and it really works. It helps me to realise that I do have more time than I think I have. I quickly realise how much time I waste in front of the screen. And I am someone who limits screen time a lot.

It helps me to clear my mind.

Try it. Go on. And let me know how it goes.

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  1. i like the idea of this, but am not sure I could make it even for a day... I am currently writing up my thesis on a laptop and the internet is always there. The extent of my addiction is so bad, that even when I am finished my thesis I would actually need to get rid of these devices to stop. Scary thought!


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