Saturday, April 11, 2015

Quiet Mornings

When I wake up early, before anyone else (namely my son, who is five, and a little energiser bunny) I love to savour the silence. The peace and quiet. Aaahhh. These are my favourite moments. I have always loved quiet mornings, even before I had a child, even way back when I was young and single. My mornings then may have started later (say 10am?) whereas now they start really early (5:30am!) but I still enjoyed the peace of a few quiet morning moments even then.

Like right now, as I type this, I am sitting in bed with my my first cup of coffee (oh what a joy that first cup is) and the whole house (pets included) is still asleep. It's my sane time. And as I soak up the silence I feel such an appreciation for my life. It's moments like these when I know my luck. I am truly a lucky woman. (Gosh, I was gonna type "girl" there for a second instead of "woman" because I still feel so young and girly, but the truth is, I am 36, on my way to 37, so I am no longer a girl, not by a long shot.)

But I feel so lucky. I have a lovely house to live in, a big kitchen, animals, a healthy child, and a loving man. Partner. What do I call him now? My ex-husband who is now my husband again except not on paper? Well, all that matters is that we're together again and very much in love and we do have a good life. With all the ups and downs, sure, but overall good.

Every now and then, like this morning, it's good to take time out to just notice your life. And say thanks. Do you do this? Do you also like quiet time, be it morning or evening?

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