Wednesday, May 13, 2015

ABC of Me

I don't usually do tagged posts - but today I felt like it. Because my favourite blogger in the world, Vanilla Blonde (Bailey Schneider), did one, so I thought, why not. This blog of mine is a little too serious and needed a dose of lightheartedness. So here goes:

A - Awakening: As in spiritual awakening. I just know that our spiritual awakening is the reason we are all here, on this planet. My awakening is sometimes painful, sometimes beautiful, but it continues daily. Just when I think I've "got it" I soon realise I don't.

B - Beauty: There truly is beauty all around us. Just this morning, whilst rushing to get my son to school, he stops and points out the sliver of moon visible in the morning sky. Beautiful. There is endless beauty around us if we just stop to look.

C - Cat: My cat is sleeping right now at the foot of my bed as I type this.

D - Dogs: Dogs are also right here with me. Sleeping on the rug at the foot of the bed. As you can tell, I love animals.

E - Exercise: Hmmm....what to say here? I have a love-hate relationship with exercise. I love it when I am doing it, but the thought of going to do it often induces a bit of hate. I do, however, enjoy jogging on a clear, calm day.

F - Facebook: I am FREE of FACEBOOK!!! Happy happy. I deleted my account (I just found I was wasting time on there...and oh, look, now I am wasting time on blogger!) and I have never felt lighter or freer. Woohoo.

G - Good Enough: a concept I am trying my best to embrace. I am a classic perfectionist when it comes to certain things. Meaning, if I think something is important (my art, my mothering skills, or whatever else at the time I have taken on) I will do it to what I deem my standard of perfection. But other things, like housework, mess and fashion, I don't worry about and can be very less than perfect in those areas. So now I am trying to embrace the concept of "Good Enough" in all that I do. I can be a good enough writer, a good enough mother, a good It's pretty freeing.

H - Hair: Gosh, what woman doesn't obsess over her hair? Even a teeny bit? I have spent far too many hours and rands on my hair. I am trying to stop obsessing over it. It's just hair. It grows and yes, it has some grey now, and yes, I can dye it if I choose. That should be all I need to think about my hair. Enough with all the expensive products and treatments and highlights and cuts and Brazilians. I just need a break.

I - Introspection: Something I am a huge fan of.

J - Junk: I am on a junk-chuck-out mission lately. It's all about de-cluttering. Trying to keep only what I really need, or only what our family really needs. Otherwise the junk just clutters up our house and our minds.

K - Kindness: Human kindness, the simplest of things. And what I deem the most important. But I have seen it in myself: if I am harried, or rushed, or anxious then I fail to be kind. If, however, I slow down, take a moment and just breathe, I am able to allow the kindness to flow. Because being kind takes time. It takes a moment of your time - to smile, to hug, to say a compliment, to listen to your child, to listen to your spouse or friend. But it's so worth it.

L - Louise: Ha ha - my name. Or how about - LCHF? Yes, I'll go with that. I am trying out LCHF again - this time with a higher level of carbs. Still low carb, mind you, but not super low. I just cramp too much otherwise. I would love to hear whether you are low-carbing it? If so, how do you find it?

M - Motherhood: the most sacred and important job on the planet. I truly believe this. Now that I am a mother, I feel blessed and honoured, and sometimes overwhelmed by this huge job. But it's also the most fulfilling thing. I can't really explain it but I can feel God move through me and my son when we connect truly.

N - Nature: I know that if I take the time to look and learn, nature can be my biggest teacher. Nature is also where I love to exercise. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love an air-conditioned gym with nice clean equipment, but nature is just spectacular, isn't it?

O - Openness: this is such a key thing in relationships. Openness. It feels scary sometimes.

P - Patience: A quality I do have, but my son sure knows how to stretch it. Ah, the beauty of motherhood. Our children come along, and all these lovely qualities we think we have, get rigorously tested. "Oh, so you consider yourself to be patient, do you?" "Let's see how patient you REALLY are!"

Q - Quiet: I love quietness and solitude. Which I am not getting a lot of, these days, as we are renovating our home and have builders in here from early morning till late. I am learning that quietness and silence is something I have to cultivate and carry within, not "get" from the outside. I no longer have the luxury of sitting in silence for ten minutes in the morning after I drop my son at school. So now I have to take moments of quiet whenever I can - in a deep breath as I make coffee. In looking at the clouds. It's a fleeting moment, but I take it and put it in my heart to carry with me.

R - Rest: Wow, I feel VERY strongly about this one. We all need to rest more. ALL OF US. I have seen young students suffer from anxiety and burn very own friends in Tech...all because we take on too much, put too much pressure on ourselves and expect to be able to do it all and have it all. Enough. Let's just rest. I have started to slowly give myself more and more permission to rest. I do battle with guilt over it. In this overachieving culture of ours, it's difficult to rest. It's difficult to just sit and do nothing. But I look at my animals right now: they are resting. They spend the majority of their days resting. I can learn from that. I am learning to balance doing with doing nothing.

S - Solitude: Very much like the above two. I believe we all need to learn how to be alone before we can be with another. Having said that, it doesn't mean that we should shy away from relationships either, which I can tend to do. I love my own company so much that I do sometimes hide away from the world. But that isn't any good because you only truly know aspects of yourself in relationship. It's all about balance. I'm big on balance, can you tell?

T - Time: Don't we all wish we had more of it? I am so aware that we are only here, on this earth, for a very short time, at the longest. And finally, as I get older, I can see that the only valuable use of  my time is this: to be present and available in love, to my loved ones.

U - Underwear: I just can't bear to spend too much money on something that no one will ever see, and yet, a good bra is priceless.

V- Van Gogh: I am an artist, and love art. I will never be famous, I will never make loads of money from my art, but I love to do it.

W - Women: I love us. I think we are fabulous, marvelous creatures, and we need to celebrate our womanliness more. I love men too, of course, but women are often undervalued, I think. Our qualities of softness and emotional intelligence are underrated. But we are amazing! And our womanly bodies in all their wonderful shapes need to be celebrated too. I also fall into the trap of trying to mold my body into society's definition of what makes a woman sexy, and it's pretty crazy. We are women! We are meant to have hips and curves.

X - Xylitol - gosh, with the whole array of sweetners out there, who knows what is safe any more? I reckon this one is safe, and I hope so, as I have pretty much cut out sugar.

Y - Yikes: As in, yikes, I just cannot think of anything for this letter.

Z - Zorba the Greek: Lol. Sorry, but this is a tricky letter. So I say Zorba the Greek because I am one quarter Greek and I can speak Greek. And I lived over there for over two years. Bet you didn't know that about me.


  1. I absolutely LOVED reading your list! Thank you for doing your ABC of Me! So insightful! You sound like you've had such an amazing self-journey and you've always been remarkable - but you're shining even more now!!
    I also use Xylitol and the LCHF has worked WONDERS for me!!

    1. Aww, thanks for the lovely comment. Means the world to hear you say I am shining. Coming from you that means A LOT. Glad you enjoyed.


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