Saturday, July 25, 2015

Medium carb: Sweet potatoe and banana cake-cookies and Garnier Nutrisse Rose Gold hair color review

I made up a recipe today and it turned out fantastically. I love experimenting and I love it even more when the recipe works! I know for a fact this recipe was a success because.... most critical taster approved! My five year old LOVED these healthy, low-ish carb cookie/cake things. I call them cake-cookies because they came out more like flapjacks - soft and cakey inside. I thought they would be a little harder like a biscuit, so we made them into biscuit shapes. But they turned out great. The main ingredients are sweet potatoe, banana and protein powder. Very easy and healthy too.

1 1/2 cups pre-cooked and cubed sweet potatoe pieces (I cooked mine the night before)
1 ripe banana
1 tbspn plain unflavoured whey powder for extra protein
1 egg
half a cup of milk
cinnamon (just a dash)
vanilla essence
1 scoop of Supashape Chocolate flavoured Dietwhey (this is a low-carb protein shake mix using oat flour in it's mix to thicken it - it is also sweetened with sucralose sweetener)
2 tbspns butter
oat bran about 1 tblspn
half teaspoon bicarb
for texture and flavour I added in some dessicated coconut but you could leave this out. You could easily add in chopped nuts, or peanut butter or choc chips or any other fun ingredient.
1 sweetener sachet or xylitol or honey to taste (taste your mixture before you bake it and add sweetness according to your preferences)

I blended all the "wet" ingredients in a blender, which included the sweet potatoe, egg, banana and a dash of milk. I then mixed that thick but runny mixture with all the rest of the ingredients and stirred well. The mixture was quite gloopy, not very firm, but I didn't want to add flour or anything too starchy so I just spooned it out into "biscuit sizes" on Glad baking paper and popped into the oven to cook at 180 degrees celsius for 15 minutes or until you can see they are browing.

They kind of tasted like pancakes to me. My kid ate about four of them in one go, hence so few left for the photograph! Usually he refuses anything of mine that is healthy and not like real biscuits or real cake. So these are definitely a winner!

Lastly: I have gone brown! I just felt like a change from being a blonde, and wanted to give my hair some time away from bleach. I used Garnier Nutrisse Rose Gold shade (6.23) and it came out a really nice warm brown. It's darker than on the box, as I have learnt by now is always the case, but I am very happy with it. I chose a warm shade so that my blonde ends would not turn green or grey looking (as they would have if I had used an ashy colour). What do you think?

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