Friday, August 28, 2015

My zazen-meditation spot

I like to meditate now and then. I wish I did it every day, as it certainly calms me down and helps me to feel as if there really is enough time in the day to accomplish everything. When I don't meditate I often find I start rushing from the morning, and that feeling of rushing around tends to permeate all I do and I never feel like I have caught up with myself. Which is totally crazy as I am a stay-at-home mother. It's not like I have to rush to be at work on time or anything like that. My only "real" rush is to get my son to playschool on time, which can be frustrating because getting a five year old to move quickly is a challenge. I sometimes play the game of "I bet you can't do x, y, z faster than me" to get him to dress or brush his teeth quickly, or whatever the task at hand is. Sometimes I race him to the car, or get his toys to command him to go quickly. Five year olds definitely listen to toys better than to their mother!

Anyway, I hate rushing, and so when I remember, and if I have ten or twenty minutes to spare after I drop my boy off in the morning, then I do like to sit in silence. And attempt to meditate. I really suck at clearing my mind, so I have stopped even bothering to do that. I just tell myself to sit there, in silence and breath and listen. Often I get sidetracked by my thoughts, and then I just come back to breathing and listening.

Now, luckily for me, we have built on a sun-room recently (we get a lot of strong winds along the coast and it makes it impossible to braai or sit outside sometimes, hence the sun-room) and I have found this to be a wonderful meditation room in the mornings. I have a view of the garden and can hear the birds and on a clear day I can glimpse a tiny bit of sea.
My cat also likes to sit there with me

I have put a chair and small side table so I can sip my coffee and meditate too.
I know that technically I am not supposed to drink coffee and meditate, but I do it that way often. I find it relaxing to sip, breath, look and listen. I have heard the term "sit zazen" by Buddhists, when they refer to meditation, and so I often repeat the word "zazen" to myself too, because, for some odd reason, I love the sound of the word. I just find it a nicer word than meditate.

I feel very blessed, really, to have this lovely sun-room now and a spot where I can sit in peace and quite. I find that, because there is no TV in there, no bed, nothing in there, it helps with the general feeling of emptiness. Do you meditate? Where do you go to find a small bit of peace and quite in this crazy world? Do you have another ritual that helps to calm and center you?

On another side note: I am still enjoying having brown hair.
My child and husband still say they prefer me blonde, but a lot of women have said the brown looks nice. Here is a blonde me to compare:
I know it's different lighting, different pics totally but I think that blonde is okay, and fun, and it certainly hides the grey, but brown just works with my skin tone better. Any comments?

I hope you find a moment of calm today. Much love to you.

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