Saturday, September 19, 2015

One and a half weeks after my Olaplex treatment

Just a quick update on how my hair is doing post Olaplex treatment in salon.

Well, I am disappointed to report that the effects of the treatment don't last. So whether it actually goes into the hair and cross-links broken Di-sulfide bonds as they say it does, seems dubious to me. If the bonds have been re-linked, why did my hair not feel as good this morning as it did the day after the treatment?

Luckily for me, I have the at home treatment so I did one today after gym. It's a bit painful in that you have to apply it to wet, towel-dried hair but not washed hair - so basically I wet my head in the bath, towel dried it, combed the Olaplex treatment through and then had to sit in the bath waiting the full ten minutes (I left it on a bit longer for good measure) and then I washed and conditioned as normal. The good part is that the treatment worked - my hair felt good again.

With the Olaplex treatment newly in my hair, my hair feels silky and manageable - it almost feels likes it's coated in a silky, and dare I say it, "plastic" coating. I don't know what the Olaplex actually does, but for sure it DOES wash out. So be warned. Having the at-home treatment seems like a must to me. But after doing the treatment today my hair is glossy and coated with shine again.

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