Thursday, September 3, 2015

VitaCoco: Review

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Just thought I'd share with you a nice find from Woolies. It's VitaCoco - coconut water, either plain or mixed with other flavours. I have read and heard about CocoZone, but it's not available here down the coast and so this is the closest thing I could find to pure Coconut Water. I see on the label that they add a bit of fructose, but the plain unflavoured one (pictured here) is very low in kilojules, so I don't suppose they add much. Their label says 1%. I can live with that. This brand also comes in other flavours, but the plain one, to me, tastes the best. I like the one with lemon juice, but it's quite sweet, so I assume they add a lot of fructose to that one.

This plain one that I am drinking in the pic is very pure tasting. It really does taste like a cracked open coconut, so if you like that sort of thing, give it a go. They were on a promotion when I bought them - I saved around R2 per individual drink - but usually they sell for about R22. I love trying new products, I am a sucker for trying something new, and I love it when I find something that I like. Like this.

What new products have you tried lately? 

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