Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Why do I blog?

Why do I blog? 

This is a question I have often asked myself. And it cropped up again in my mind the other day. I have started and deleted about three blogs prior to this. I always either fizzle out or delete the whole thing and start again because the blog ends up not being what I really want to say. I either do too many reviews, or talk about superficial things like hair and handbags too much and post a gazillion pics. Don't get me wrong, I love hair and handbags and picture-rich blogs as much as the next woman, but it's not what I feel is really important in life and there are thousands of much better beauty and fashion blogs out there. I don't want to do that with this blog, I want to be more true to who I am -  so I figure I need to know, really know, why it is that I bother with a blog? Why blog at all and not just be a reader?

One reason is that I just can't NOT blog. I have tried. So clearly something inside of me wants a vehicle for expression. Which is probably why we all blog, isn't it? We want to be heard, even if it's by one or two readers only. Because of course, I could just write all this down in a diary, but there is something magical about knowing that someone else might read this. Someone whom you would never otherwise have connected with. Someone far away, either on the other side of the country or even on the other side of the planet! It's pretty awesome.

I guess the other reason, for this blog in particular, is that I want to leave a (hopefully) positive account of myself and my thoughts for those who know and love me, should I ever die. Not to be morbid, but we all will die and we need to think about the digital footprint that we will leave behind.

 Have you thought about what will happen to your Facebook account, your Instagram, your Twitter etc if you were suddenly no longer? I read an article (online of course) about it and I gave it some thought. And so I deleted my Facebook account. Whole thing. Gone. I realised that I didn't want my family to have to deal with that, should I no longer be here. Also, I find that Facebook mostly made me feel depressed, not happy, and so why have it? It has it's pluses, but mostly, it's a mega time waster in my opinion. But with blogging, I find it more of a creative outlet and so I decided I would keep it. I don't tweet and I have never even been on Instagram. I do have a Youtube channel for family videos etc, and I want to keep that so that our videos are "stored" on there.

Blogging is something I genuinely enjoy because I like expressing myself, I like connecting with like-minded bloggers, and hopefully I get to spread a little positivity. This time around, I am going to be vigilant and not let it turn into an "ego" boost. By which I mean, I don't want to create an image of myself that is better than I really am, I don't want to only post pics where I look good so that readers will think "Oh, she looks nice (or pretty, or happy, or whatever)". I found that on Facebook I did that A LOT. Truthfully, I think many of us do that on Facebook. We only post our good pics, we only tell our best stories, show our happy moments etc. And then we all get depressed about our own lives looking at the happy, shiny lives of our friends and feeling that we are not living up to that. Well, maybe that was just me. But I was definitely guilty of trying to show my best, most successful and glamorous self only, on Facebook. But with Blogging, I feel that there is room to be my real self. And so I will keep blogging and hopefully continue to be real and true here.

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