Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Back to Banting: some observations

For three days now, I have slowly gone back to Banting. I did it because I was bloating a lot - and immediately, my bloating has stopped and my stomach has gone FLAT. I don't say I have lost any weight, but my gut is smooth and flat.

The weird thing is this: I wasn't really eating that many carbs anyway. So I can't say that it was carbs that bloated me. I was doing a lean diet - lots of protein, veggies, minimal fat and fruit. I was having milk in my tea and coffee, and a bit of full-cream yoghurt now and then. The odd carbs came in the form of sweet potatoe, banana, apple, some popcorn now and then and a cheat meal once a week of cake. And yet still, even on no-cake days, I was bloated. I can't figure out why I was bloating - I wasn't eating typically bloating foods (no grains, no beans or lentils...) and yet, one day, my stomach was so bloated I looked pregnant. Weird huh? The only thing  I was consistently doing was excluding, to a large degree, fat. Oh, and I was also drinking sugar-free drinks like Sprite Zero etc. Could it be those? Although I had a Sprite Zero yesterday and I didn't bloat.

So anyway, since Banting again, the bloating has stopped. It's freaky. Maybe, and I am no expert here, but just maybe, fat has some sort of healing effect on the gut?

I don't know if I will Bant long-term, but for now, I will do it a few days and see how I feel.

I also notice I feel immediately calmer and clearer-headed. Not so anxious.

(Now bear in mind that this is the third time I have Banted. I am getting used to Banting, and have read the Real Meal Revolution from cover to cover, so I am not afraid of fat, however, I am not convinced that strict Banting is what I need, especially if I want to weight train, but maybe a moderate , slightly higher in carbs version.)

Just thought I'd share. Will keep noticing and posting.

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