Friday, October 16, 2015

Beautiful Ladies

I know far too many gorgeous, healthy, fit, pretty, intelligent and talented ladies (some are friends, some are acquaintances, some are just strangers I overhear) who bemoan their looks and their figures. It's crazy. Our society is very sick if so many lovely women are so unhappy with what they see in the mirror.

I wish I could change that. I often find myself telling friends how beautiful they are. They don't see themselves the way I do. They don't see their amazing beauty, they seem to only see their flaws.

And I don't meant that these women are skinny or fit into glamour magazine's definition of perfect or good. I mean that these women are REAL and TRULY beautiful - lovely smiles, lovely hearts, and gorgeous. Gorgeous comes in all shapes and sizes. I see that in them.

The catch is that I, too, fall into the category of women who find fault with what she sees in the mirror. I know it's a terrible affliction and I am doing my utmost, mentally, to change that within myself. I have a bit of left-over self-critical-ness (for lack of a better word) from when I competed in Fitness shows, that now, I am hyper-judgemental of my own body and self.

And yet, I see such beauty in other women who don't think much of themselves. So I know that I must apply that to my own self too. Today, I dedicate it to loving what I see in the mirror.

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