Friday, October 2, 2015

CUTE and adorable: new furbaby.

Last Saturday, we got this cute little pup. Isn't he adorable?

I have always loved pugs, but they shed a lot of hair and are quite busy, so as a "compromise" I decided to try a Pekingese this time. (Both my pugs are no longer with me, so there is room for a new pup.) Pekes have the same squashy faces and bug eyes as pugs do, and this little fella has the same colouring as a pug does. Well, pretty much.

Pekes are very hairy - but apparently don't shed much. We'll see how true that is over the years.

I got this little pup from a local couple who had two pups - no fancy pure breed. He is just going to be a loved, indoor dog. Nothing fancy, so as much as I support proper breeding over backyard breeders, the couple I got him from had two lovely pekes of their own, a clean home and clearly loved their dogs.

With much excitement my son and I went to collect him. Well, after having the pup almost a week, my nearly six year old son is totally in love!
The love affair between boy and dog has cute.
It's so cute to watch this love affair between boy and pup develop. The puppy looks for him and whines if he is not around. It's also so lovely to see how my boy is learning to care for another living being. He is very gentle with the puppy and I am so proud of that. He also changes the puppy's water regularly.

Having a puppy reminds me of having a small baby again - obviously much less work, but there is still a lot of work to do, nonetheless. Like cleaning up wees and poos, teaching it to go outside, getting it used to sleeping in it's own bed. But the joy the puppy evokes is similar to a baby as well. You just look at that cute puppy face and you can't help but smile.

After six days of being with us, the pup is getting more playful and more energetic already. It's really cute to see him bounce around and chase things. What pure life energy!

There was quite an ongoing "family debate" about what the pup's new name should be, but after going through many options, we have settled on Yogi.

Welcome to our family Yogi. You will be loved endlessly!

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