Saturday, October 31, 2015

Day Eight of No Sweeteners and a Banting insight

It's going well, giving up sweeteners. But it's not ALL plain sailing. I do still crave sweetness, let me be clear about that, but it's getting less. I can now drink my coffee with nothing but milk and cream. I used to not be able to tolerate plain coffee so for me this is huge.

I did have a bit of left-over Lipton Iced Tea that was sweetened with artificial sweeteners and I had some of that on a hot day, but then I poured the rest of it out. Down the drain. I decided to remove temptations. I also threw out my little sweetener pill dispenser...if I don't have them then I can't use them! I used to have one in each cup of about five a day. Plus cool-drink that was artificially sweetened, plus any other "sugar-free" chocolate or cookie or protein bar. So I feel really good about going off these chemicals.

In the meantime, I have been Banting a lot more strictly this week. Purely to help with reducing the cravings for sweetness, and it has worked. I don't crave sweet stuff half as much. Also, I think I look a little leaner, a touch, although I can't say for sure as I haven't measured or  weighed myself. So maybe sweeteners do stall weight loss? Who knows.

I feel so much better though, I must say. I feel freer. Not so "addicted" and constantly thinking about chocolate or cake.

This week I have had some free time too as I have not been to gym, and I have been watching a lot of LCHF videos. And FINALLY, a penny dropped for me about insulin, glucose and carbs. I always wondered about why someone like me, who is not diabetic and who is relatively fit, would need to Bant? I mean, Banting made sense in theory, and I love the food, but I always wondered how much I should Bant, and whether I would benefit from carbs in their natural forms? Anyway, I finally understood that just because I am not diabetic now, doesn't mean that I am not at risk for it. Eating carbs is what primarily creates Type 2 Diabetes. Now I am not a doctor, but my understanding is this; that our bodies like to have a moderate/normal amount of glucose in the bloodstream, and as soon as we eat something that raises that blood glucose our bodies release insulin in order to manage that spike and bring the glucose levels back down to a healthy amount. So just because our insulin is functioning normally and we can manage carbs doesn't mean that our bodies WANT those carbs. It seems to me to be the opposite, our bodies do not want extra glucose, hence insulin gets secreted to clear away the glucose. So now I understand that just because I am fine, healthy and not insulin resistant, doesn't mean I must keep feeding my poor body with carbs which it does not need. I now understand that doing that could actually lead to my becoming insulin resistant with time.

You see, my aunt (my dad's sister) has Type 2 Diabetes and has lost a toe because of it. She has to inject. Both my grandmothers had Type 2 Diabetes. We now suspect that my mother was pre-diabetic, just judging by how well she has done on Banting. (If you haven't read previous posts, she lost 15kg and has improved so many aspects of her health). So just because I am slim now doesn't mean that my body wants or needs carbs. I get it now. I also get that Banting could, in fact, be preventative and save me from ever developing Diabetes. And this, for me, is a compelling reason to Bant. Because Diabetes is in my family, it means that I am not safe, no matter that I appear fit and healthy.

In the past, I have cramped when I have Banted. For some reason, that hasn't happened yet this time round. Thankfully. It's only been around ten days of Banting, but still, I am hopeful that this time my body has adapted enough to not cramp. Or perhaps the sweeteners were somehow linked to cramping? Just wondering aloud now. I am just guessing that it takes time to fully adapt to Banting and eating LCHF instead of carbs all day long. Maybe for me, stopping and starting was not a bad thing, but a way of easing in to this new way of eating.

I still can't say for sure what the right path is with regards to diet, but I know that eating fat does NOT make me fat.

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