Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Catching up with myself

I haven't had much time to myself lately. Life is busy, and it's only getting busier as the year winds to an end. I can't believe it's November already. My gosh. My little boy is six! He's going to "big school" next year. Eek.

There is a lot I need to organise for him. I have work to do. My husband's business is heading into crazy-busy season. Phew.

But right now I have a few moments of quiet, although they have come at a cost. My son is not well. He has had a very high temperature going on day three today. So now it's morning, and he's sleeping because he was up last night complaining of a sore tummy and feeling very hot. I have taken him to the doctor but she can't see anything wrong. So I have been told to just watch him.

So this post is just me catching up a bit with my own thoughts.

I am STILL sweetener free and I feel SO happy. I feel healthier for it, even if it IS just in my mind. I had one Woolies sugar-free, artificially sweetened drink the other day, but we are having a water crisis here where we live, so our drinking water is not drinkable. (Can you believe it, they let sea water get into our drinking water and so we have had terribly salty water coming out of our taps?) Gross hey? But I digress, the point is, I am not adding in sweetener pills to my tea or coffee any more. Yay.

I am still Banting, and now I am taking a Taurine supplement. A friend of mine said that her personal trainer recommended it for cramping, and it worked for her. I researched it and it seems a safe supplement, so I bought it and so far it does seem to be helping. Happy happy. I also feel "better"somehow, taking it. That could be in my mind, but even so, it's great.

Overall, life is good. I do sometimes get overwhelmed with the cooking whilst Banting. There are not that many quick meals with this way of eating. Which is obviously great, it's the whole point. To cook healthy food from scratch.

My next step is that I want to get my son, who is VERY carb addicted, to eat this way more. I want to get him off wheat and sugar. I don't mind if he has healthy carbs, I mean, he is a skinny, all arms and legs, a growing boy, but from everything I read and hear these days, sugar and wheat are the two baddies and are not good for anyone. But the logistics of no wheat for lunch...means no sandwiches. Or rather, no Albany brown bread, which is his favourite food in the whole world. Oh well, I can only try. I am going to have to get creative with breads or finding no-bread alternatives that he will actually eat for lunch.

Being a mother and taking care of a family is also being a nutritionist. Besides being a teacher and nurse and all those things. I love it and I wouldn't swop my "job" for anything in the world.

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