Wednesday, December 2, 2015

And...I'm feeling GOOD!

Yesterday, I realised how darn healthy I feel, for the first time in ages.

Not that I am a sickly person, but along with losing my gym-mojo over the past year or more, I have just been feeling flat. Nothing major, just a background feeling of tiredness, of waking up some days and thinking "Oh no, gotta get through another day."

It's terrible to feel that way, isn't it? I know that a lot of that feeling comes from the repetition of life, and is probably quite normal, but it's still KAK to feel that. With Banting, that general tiredness has improved, but only yesterday did it lift away a lot more for me.

And I think that it's possibly got to do with the fact that I got a whole of sunshine this past weekend. We went away to the Transkei, out in the sticks, right on the beach and I allowed myself to get some real sunshine. Since my Vit D3  deficiency finding, and doing some research, it seems that I have been way too vigilant with the sunscreen and that I could be doing myself more harm by always slathering my skin with Factor 40. So, this weekend I did the bare minimum with the sunscreen (just a bit on my face and tops of shoulders) and let nature work her magic. And I got nice and golden, no burning, just colour (the key is to know your skin and how long it takes to burn) and I feel healthier than I have felt in AGES.

I also went for a short run yesterday and I ran so well! My time was good, my legs felt strong, my breathing was excellent and I just enjoyed it. And here is the best part: I hadn't run in about four days and yet my run was still so good. Usually if I don't run for a while and then run after four days of zero exercise, I am very slow, and battle to get back into it. Yesterday, I hit that road as if I had been training full on. I was quite surprised, actually. Could it be the Banting? Or is it due to my Vit D levels coming right? Or a good combination of the two?

I wish I knew what it was that I am doing right, but to feel so healthy and good, is quite amazing. I had forgotten I even could feel that way at my age!

And even better, this morning I sprang out of bed with NO stiffness. I am a little shocked, because if I don't exercise and then I do, again, I am always stiff the next day. But not today. Weird hey? Weird in a totally good way, of course. I have heard of athletes talk about faster post-exercise recovery with LCHF, but it's never happened to me yet. I have always felt the opposite, in fact: that eating LCHF has made me even stiffer and more sore. So is it possible that this time it's to do with the synergy of all my levels coming right?

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