Friday, December 4, 2015

Eating fat does NOT make you FAT!

Oh boy, another Banting post. But bear with me. This one's a goodie.
I was told by a personal trainer a few years ago that eating fat makes you fat. Now I remember at the time thinking that sounded very simplistic, and not plausible. Just because you eat it doesn't mean it sits on your body, I thought. But...what did I know, I thought. I was just a regular girl, not a proper "personal trainer". I didn't realise at the time that a lot of trainers are NOT nutritionists and have no real right to be telling us all what to eat, but anyway, I listened, and I cut the fat in my diet right back. And initially it worked. I became, as we say, a lean machine.
But then, after a while, it stopped working. It took about a year, or so, but with time I battled to remain so lean. I battled to stick to super-low fat food. I eventually battled to stick to any diet at all. I just couldn't (mentally) eat so lean and clean any more. I became repulsed by it. I craved cake and sweet stuff more than ever before! At first I thought it was all from emotional stress (I was going through a divorce at that time too) and so I gave myself leeway to just relax and eat whatever I liked. After all, I was training and so burning it all off in the gym. But even when my life regained some normalcy after the divorce was over, I still could not bring myself to diet strictly. I simply could NOT face another bowl of oats and whey protein, or lean chicken breast and broccoli. I just couldn't do it. I kept trying, and then I'd eat something "bad" and feel guilty and fat.

 I really wanted to shift just 2 kgs. But to no avail. And then I got very tired too. Too tired to weight train with any enthusiasm. I stopped looking forward to my training, and actually started dreading it. I seemed to get stiffer and more sore after each workout, instead of it getting easier, as you would assume it would, seeing as I was so used to weight training.
Clearly, something was wrong. I wasn't feeling good or right within myself. My eyes were also very dry and overly sensitive to light. (Odd little thing, but it was happening.) And that's when I heard Tim Noakes on a YouTube talk. And after watching that, I decided to give Banting a try. (This was back in March 2014.)

I was TERRIFIED. I did not want to get fat, but even with that fear in the back of my mind, something said "Just give it a try". I told myself that I could stop Banting at any point, if I didn't like it. If it looked like I was putting on weight, or any other negative effects were happening, I could simply stop, and go back to my very clean and lean, super-low fat way of eating.
But guess what? I didn't gain weight and I didn't get fat. I lost, initially, those 2kgs. Then I gained back a little. But I never got fat, like I feared I would. In fact, people asked me how I stayed so lean. What did happen was that I felt softer. Which I was okay with, because I felt so much healthier on Banting, besides the cramping. I was hoping that I could firm up later. But the cramping eventually got bad, so I stopped Banting. Then tried it again, then stopped again. Anyway, this time round is my third (and best) time Banting, and again I noticed I "felt" softer, mainly around the belly area. But I haven't panicked (too much) and I told myself I was just going to keep Banting anyway. And it seems as if the softness is going away now. So maybe it's a process?
Dec 2015 - after Banting on and off for a year and a half. I am shy to show my pics, but I always wanted to see what a Banter looked like in their bikini and not just in clothes, as clothes can hide a lot. I was scared that Banting may have turned me into a "skinny fat person" who looks slim but is all flabby under the clothes. So I am proving to myself, by experimenting, on myself, that this is not the case. Now, I have eaten a good amount of fat in the last year and a half, and I can't see that it has done me any harm.
Still feeling fit and strong, even though my diet has reversed itself on it's head. I have swung between the two diets and overall, I just feel better Banting.

But as you can see, I have not gotten fat. Phew, so I can confidently lay that myth to rest! I now eat enough fat (to satiety), and look, I have not become fat. And the softness is something only I can feel, it's not visible in photos, and it's not that big of an issue, (health is WAY more important, right? I am guessing the softer feeling is due to lack of inflammation) besides which, it seems to be going away now too, so I am happy with that. But best of all, I feel so much better inside.

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