Sunday, December 20, 2015

More than diet...

I have been blogging A LOT lately about Banting and diet. This is because...(trumpet sound please - doo doo doo) I am actually studying Banting. Yip. I am currently studying to become a certified Banting Buddies coach. Yay me!

I am loving the studies. Because:
1) I am a nerd at heart (total academic - matriculated top of my school - sorry, just had to show off a teeny bit there - ego, get down!) and my brain thrives on research, intellectual pursuits and...well...doing what a brain does best...which is thinking!
2) The study material is REALLY interesting and getting me to delve into all sorts of nutritional questions, ideas and assumptions.

I don't have a scientific background, so it's a little tough going in terms of reading some of the research papers but I am giving it my best.

I am studying to be a Banting Buddies coach for these reasons:
1) To help my family. As a mother and a wife, I am the nutritionist in the house. I am the one buying and cooking the food. So the health of my loved ones is literally in my hands. Especially that of my son. (My husband can still buy his own lunch, or cook his own food, or whatever.But for the most part, of course, he eats what I make.) My gawd, that's a pretty awesome responsibility. Ever since I became a mother, my interest in nutrition skyrocketed. Suddenly I questioned and wondered and debated about food, often in my mind, but sometimes aloud. Because, like all mothers, I want to give my growing child the best nutrition he can get, to build a healthy body and great brain.
2) Specifically now, to help my husband. He has been diagnosed as diabetic, according to his HbA1c reading. The weird thing is this: just before we went for our lab blood tests, I had actually bought a blood glucose monitor to use at home, just to see if our carby foods/blood sugar was ok, and both of us tested randomly with very low blood sugar levels. So just looking at that, we never would have suspected my hubby to be diabetic. So now I am learning something new: just because your blood glucose levels are "normal"does not mean you aren't diabetic. It could mean that your insulin is too high and working overtime to drive your blood sugar down. (I am inferring this from my understanding of Dr. Krafts insulin assay research which I linked to.)
3) If I can learn something that helps my family, I can then help others. I don't believe in hogging my knowledge. So if it Banting works for us, I mean, really works for us, (by which I mean, enhances our health, not just provide a quick weight loss solution) then I would like to share that with others through coaching.

Having said all of the above, I believe that thinking about food and diet too much can make it too stressful as well, (I speak about myself here, sometimes my head hurts thinking about food!) and that we need to also tune in to our bodies, not listen too much to rules and regulations (I am not talking being silly here and eat really bad food) and really see what makes us feel well from the inside out.

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