Sunday, December 6, 2015

My eyesight has improved within six weeks of Banting

I would not have believed it possible either, but I now HAVE to believe it, because it's happened to me last night: my far-farsightedness has improved dramatically.

Even my hubby (for lack of a better word because, yes, we're divorced, and yes, we're back together, so we just call each other husband and wife again), ever the skeptical one, is amazed, and concedes that this is pretty amazing.

In my own little personal capacity, here is the proof: I sit in the same spot, on the same couch, every night, when we watch a little TV. We have NOT moved the TV or couch (we haven't pushed them closer) and so my "eye-test" conditions are exactly the same now as they were months ago and yet now, there is a hugely noticeable improvement.

Months ago, I remember having a good chuckle with my hubby, as he is far-sighted and I am short-sighted, so in order to rent a Box Office Dstv movie, I should be the one sending the sms (I can read close) and he should be reading the code from the TV screen to me (because he can see distance). We laughed about our old age and how lucky it was that we had different vision strengths to complement each other's vision weaknesses. On another occasion I was renting a movie for my six year old, and I had to ask him to walk up to the screen and call out the Box Office rental code to me as I just could NOT make out the numbers correctly from my seat on the couch. In fact, this happened every time I had to rent a Box Office movie - I had to either get up and go close to the screen to make out the numbers correctly, or someone else had to call them out to me - I would easily get 8 and 3 wrong, along with 5 and 6, etc. The numbers were just too blurry!

BUT last night, a mini-miracle occurred (and I don't think miracle is too strong a word for this)! We decided to rent Trevor Noah's "Pay Back the Funny" and I merrily called out the Box Office rental code...and then...I had to pause, as I realised what I was just able to do. I called out the rental code! All by myself. I did not need help at all to read the numbers!!!!! I didn't even have to squint or scrunch up my eyes, because the numbers were clear to me. See what I mean about a miracle?

The only difference between now and a few months ago is that I have been Banting, and lately, Banting strictly, along with eating salmon more regularly. Could this be the reason for my improvement in vision? I am no expert, but I certainly believe so, and so I feel I MUST share this. This alone is a good reason to Bant.

Now, just to be (ahem) clear here - my vision is not PERFECT, but the numbers on our TV are nowhere near as blurry as they were.

I have read up a bit about diabetes and eyesight, and apparently, once we get our blood sugar under control our eyesight can improve. I have also read about salmon oil improving eyesight. So it could be a combination of these two things coming together. Whatever it is, the proof, for me, is in my TV screen!


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