Sunday, December 27, 2015 and more on bone broth benefits

The above is the blog/site of a woman who has gone from being vegan when she was 16 (and suffering a host of problems) to now eating a diet solely from the animal kingdom. No plants. Literally, she has done an about turn.

You can read her fascinating dietary journey here:

Have you ever wondered why the pharmacy shelves are suddenly full of all these joint health supplements? I am talking about MSM, chondroitin, glutamine, glutathion, collagen, etc. I don't recall ever seeing so many before, do you? Possibly, it could be because we have largely lost the art of long and slow-cooked bone broth. Do you remember when you were sick and your mother feed you chicken soup? I remember that. Made from a REAL chicken carcass. Turns out, mother was right and there is a lot of science behind the nutritional value of bone broth.

Esme from has the best post on bone broth I have ever read. It is a HIGHLY informative post all about the real, amazing, nutritional benefits of bone broth which you can read here.

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I am definitely making bone broth more often now, and am so glad that I am introducing it into my family's diet. I make meals with it, as my son and husband are not that keen on drinking it by itself, although I love it just like it is.

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