Saturday, January 2, 2016

My brain is SO clear...MEGA low carb!

Yesterday, I ate VERY low carb. Lower than I have EVER eaten. I increased my fat more than I have ever done too. I was inspired by stories of ketogenic diets and zero-carb diets (I will do a post on my research on these soon.) So I decided to cut my carbs (in essence, veg and plant foods) way down.

Here is what I ate yesterday:
2 cups of coffee in the morning - 1 cup with heavy cream, (cutting out dairy hasn't lasted, I will fill you in on that below) and then one with a heaped teaspoon of butter frothed up.
I love how it looks like a cappuccino when you froth the butter with a hand-held blender.

I then went for a run at 8am - I ran about 7km. A little further than I usually run. (By run, I mean, run, sprint, jog and walk all along the way - I just mix it up along the route.)

Breakfast: When I got back from my run, I had boerewors, left over from our New Years Eve braai with some mushrooms fried in butter.

Lunch: Lamb stewed in red wine and tomato paste with garlic. A tiny bit of spinach added, but no other veg. (Uusally any time I make a stew, I load the veg into it!)

Afternoon I had another coffee with teaspoon of butter.

Supper: Small piece of trout baked in butter, with a tiny bit of cauli-mash and, because I was still hungry after that, I had more of my lamb stew. A last cup of decaf coffee with butter.

And today I feel incredible.
I feel so clear-headed. Calm. Energetic.

This morning I had one cup of coffee with cream and then I went and did some groceries, with no hunger, and only when I got back home after nine did we eat breakfast. A nice fatty one too: bacon and eggs with all the fat on, fried in butter and lard. Yum.

Now, it's lunch time and I am NOT hungry (which hasn't really happened to me yet on low carb) and so I am just having a coffee with butter.

But I just feel great today. And not even sore from my run yesterday. Usually I would be very sore! After my run I added some potassium powder (it's that 'No Salt' potassium chloride stuff) to water and drank that, just to help with any possible cramping, at it seems to have worked!

I can't put into words how fantastic I feel today. I have reaped so many benefits from going low carb, but going even lower seems to be giving me even more clarity and a positive feeling.

I didn't manage to stick to completely cutting out dairy, for two reasons: firstly, because we had two tubs of cream to get through and one was going off, and secondly, on day two of no dairy, there was zero improvement with my sinuses, in fact that night they seemed worse than ever! And so, I just felt deflated.

Until we have eaten all the dairy in the house (there is still a lot of cheese to get through!) I will just mostly avoid dairy but not cut it out totally and then I will try cutting it out again. For now, I am going to try lowering my intake of all plant matter and see if that helps, as plants have many "plant chemicals" in them like phytic acid and salicylates, which can cause allergic reactions in some.

Let's see how it goes. For today I just feel tremendous and wanted to share.

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