Friday, February 19, 2016

A theory on how gym improves cellulite

Okay, this is just a theory, not science, so bear with me, but here is what I think.

I think that the mild inflammation caused by weight training (you know when your muscles are so sore the day or two after? That's inflammation) can actually make you look firmer to a degree. I say this because I noticed this in myself today.

November and December I didn't gym train at all. And every time I went out for a run, I noticed all this cellulite on my legs as I ran. And I don't even have that much fat on my legs, mind you. Some, yes, of course, all women have some fat. But the little I have, on my upper thighs, looked super-cellulitey as I ran.

I have been back in the swing of gym training around a month or so now, and the last two weeks I have hammered my thighs (called quads) quite a lot! And when I went for a run, I noticed my legs were not even half as cellulite-y as they were. In just over a month. Now, it's NOT weight-loss, not even in the least, because I have actually gained about 2 kgs. (I always gain when I weight train, especially initially. If I lose whilst weight training then it's during a time when I am dieting hectically - like in the past, for competitions.) Ok, so weight is up but cellulite is MUCH improved. And I can see on my upper arms that some of my weight gain IS fat, and my waist has gone up 2cm, so the reduction in cellulite appearance has got to be, in my mind, due to increased inflammation. Is it possible that SOME of the weight gain is inflammation too? Is it more fluid that is rushing around the muscles in order to repair them? Who knows?

What I do know for a fact is this: my quads ARE SO SORE today - this is how I know they are inflamed. I can hardly touch them. I could hardly start my run. And I know the cellulite is less obvious because when I run, I often look down and see my thighs - I run in running shorts in the heat. And today, for the first time in three months, I haven't wanted to cover my "old lady" legs up.

What do YOU think? Am I onto something?
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