Saturday, February 6, 2016

Falan's Nails and Beauty and Sunnies

When I get good service or find something really great, I must share it, even if it IS only with a few readers.

I live in a sleepy, coastal town, where service is slow but I was super impressed with Falan's Nails and Beauty Clinic. I made a booking about a week in advance, and the day before my appointment, I received a reminder whatsapp about my appointment. That is a winner in my book, as we all get busy and sometimes we forget these things.

When I arrived I didn't have to wait long and my gel toe appointment took about half an hour - very speedy! Another win! I am usually put off getting my nails done because it eats up so much time. The young lady who did my colour was very professional and did a great job!

Note the glitter middle toe

I will definitely be back!

I definitely have a "thing" for sunglasses. I have SO many pairs, much to my poor hubby's dismay. I picked up this pair today from MRP Sport. I love this wraparound style as I feel it stays on my nose better than the big owl type ones. I love the aviator style but I feel that all of them look terrible on me, for some reason. Maybe it's to do with the shape of my eyes. But this style, although very "sporty" looking, seems to suit.

Well, this was a girly post. And look, no diet-talk!

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