Sunday, March 20, 2016

Blood sugar and low-carb eating.

Sometimes I wonder if my insulin response has become sluggish because I don't typically ingest sweet/starchy things anymore. That is a known phenomenon - low carbers can test almost like type 1 diabetics when they have their insulin levels tested in response to oral glucose tests. Apparently if they start eating some carbohydrate for two weeks, this normalises again and their insulin response becomes normal.

I wonder this because my blood sugar readings go very high in response to, let's say, cake with icing. My usual blood sugar readings these days are very low - anywhere between 4-6 mml/L. This is great! However, one time - a while ago now - my blood sugar in response to a piece of my son's cake went up to 11.2! My fasting reading is usually 4.0 -4.8 - and it has never ever gone over 8 except in response to cake! My son's blood glucose reading (the only time I ever managed to convince him to let me prick his finger) was only around 6.8 even after eating a honey sandwich. This is a good sign that his insulin is clearing out the high sugar from his blood stream, but of course, he needs to NOT eat too many honey sandwiches.

So I like having low blood sugar readings - it shows me that I am not doing damage to my body with unusually high levels of glucose coursing around my bloodstream. This is good!

One thing I don't like with regards to being low-carb - that I suffer with cramps - and I don't like that I sometimes feel achy in my legs - weaker - when I don't ingest carbs. It's a minor thing, but for exercise performance it's quite a big deal. My exercise performance suffers because I am unable to push as hard or for as long. And this is really my one and only complaint. But it bugs me because it doesn't happen to every low-carber, so I sometimes wonder "Why me?"

Today I tested my blood sugar before eating an apple - 4.9 - and then around half an hour after eating just half the apple - it went up to 6.4! That is after only half of an apple!

Make no mistake, carbs need to be treated with caution. So if you want to have some carbs daily to "maintain" your insulin response (although there really is no need to do this unless you're going to test your insulin post-prandial) then make sure they are from lower sugar sources like sweet potatoe, or perhaps pumpkin or even, as I did, half an apple. But don't get your carbs from sugar or are sure to be raising your blood sugar too high.

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