Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fitness Diary

Thursday  27th October

The euphoria of eating carbs is now wearing off. I feel normal again.

Funny how every time I make a sudden dietary change I get that euphoric feeling, and I feel so full of energy and think it's the new diet change, when in actual fact, it's not - it's just the newness, probably. It's probably just the mental feeling of "freedom" that comes with not restricting this or that.

My weight was back up yesterday to 55.1kg. Cringe. I always said that if my weight goes over 55kg I will stop eating immediately. HA! That is so hard to do.

Yes I have fasted before, but didn't really like it nor did I benefit that much from it. I might try fasting again once I have established more of a healthy eating routine. Right now I am pendulum swinging - ricocheting from LCHF to CARBS. It's like the carb monster in me has come out of hibernation and is just saying "Feed me Seymour". It will calm down soon enough, I am sure.

I can actually feel the cravings subside somewhat.

I notice that I don't crave cake/sweets right now as I feel like I have had too much of them lately and the thought of them is not appealing right now. So cravings DO subside. They do come and go.

My belly at the moment is NOT a pretty sight. I sit down and it's just flabby and soft. It seems worse off now like this, since after going low carb. I wonder if eating high fat was actually not good for me in the long run?

Who knows. I will never have the answer - the point is, it's done. I did it, and I loved many aspects of it, but I just don't think it works for a weight training athlete.

Athlete - HA! Another laugh - I am so far off from being an athlete right now. But I will get there again. It's my dream to be a REAL and true athlete - one who trains properly, for life. I will get my athletic mojo back, I will.

From now on it's about sustainability and moderation.

The fact is, I am not diabetic, nor was I remotely insulin resistant. I should have tested BEFORE starting LCHF. But back then I didn't have the money. I was trapped. I had no money for anything. I will continue to test my blood sugar randomly.

Feeling a bit tired today, but felt great upon waking. I have been training hard and heavy, so this could be why.

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