Tuesday, October 25, 2016

My Fitness Diary - 24th Oct 2016

So, who knows if I will keep this up but, inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger's tips on bodybuilding, I am going to keep a fitness diary to see if I can track things that help.

1: I am back on carbs. And my mood feels great. And my weight has gone right up.

2: I ate cake over the weekend, a lot of it, so that could easily account for the 2kgs of extra weight.

I worked out really well today - trained back hard - and I ran this afternoon

5km - 30mins - in the heat. Strong. Good time.

This will be my second week on USN Testo Tribulus - I didn't take it yesterday as it was my rest day.

Pull ups: I went to failure
Low row 30kg max

Weight at gym: 55.1kg (heaviest I have been in a long time)
Waist: 68cm - gone up quite a bit

I am telling myself, for now, that I can eat whatever I want. I was wanting to drop weight for the boat cruise, but I doubt that it will happen in three weeks. I don't want to push myself too hard. I have just lost my dad. We have a stressful building situation. It's very tense. My stress levels are pretty high and I just don't feel that is conducive to being strict. It's clearly not as my weight is showing me how stressed I really am. I internalize my stress a lot.

Mentally very freeing to not be on ANY diet at all. All in the mind.
My last competition pic. Not my best comp, not my best pic. I just didn't like how my condition looked. 

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