Saturday, November 12, 2016

Fitness Diary Week ending 11th November 2016

This week I did something interesting. My weight has been quite high, so I decided this week to listen to when I was really, truly hungry, rather than eat to a plan. No diet. I threw out all diet plans this week.

And I actually lost a kg! I decided to just eat what I craved, but not too much of that item. So if I felt like cake, I ate a bite or two of cake. I just didn't stuff my face. I ate, tasted, bit into things - and felt satisfied. I had good energy, I felt clear and good.

Tuesday was not a good day for me, gym wise. I just crashed after a stressful weekend of moving things - but finally we are mostly moved into our house again. Phew. It's been rough.

And my waist is down to 67cm.
So I am happy.

Weight: 53.5 kg
Waist 67cm.

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