Saturday, December 17, 2016

Child free, stress and weight loss

Today is day two and a half of being without my son. He has gone to stay at my mother's house for four nights. It's so cute. He is finally old enough for that.

And I love him with all my heart and soul, but I have needed this break. I am LOVING the peace and quiet. You just don't get quiet and calmness like this with a kid in the house.

I am waking up at my leisure, and enjoying my morning cuppa alone, with no little voice asking me for this or that.

The first evening of being alone was TOTAL BLISS. And by "being alone" I mean, me and my partner were home alone. I wasn't totally alone.

But to have adult time, real alone adult time, is bliss.

I cannot thank my mother enough.

It just shows me how stressed out I have been and how much I needed to unwind. I can actually feel all my insides "melting" with relaxation. I never knew I could be this relaxed in my house. My house seems like a place of work to me - usually - but now it feels peaceful.

Gosh, having a child is hard work. It's lovely, and rewarding and all that jazz, but a break really is so super valuable. So super wonderful.

It feels as if the reduction in stress levels has healed something inside of me. It feels, deep within, that unwinding like this has allowed my gut to heal, to unknot, or something like that. I can't explain it. I can almost feel that cortisol is going down. Has gone down.

I have had time to READ UNINTERRUPTED! That alone is a miracle.

I even had an afternoon nap yesterday. My love and I even watched TWO age-restricted movies - yay us! Tonight we'll go out for a leisurely dinner and see where the evening takes us.

You forget, in the chaos of a kid, how relaxing life CAN be. A child is a BALL of energy, and at this age, my son is a non-stop stream of chatter and questions and activity. Which I am so grateful for, because he is normal and healthy and has an inquiring mind but boy oh boy...this calmness is amazing!!!!

I can even HEAR the birds properly outside. I have more time to pet the dogs.

I haven't weighed myself but I swear I have lost a kg from sheer relaxation.

I am currently eating very low carb. Mostly keeping away from sweeteners, but I have had a few sugar-free, artificially sweetened carbonated drinks seeing as it is so hot outside and I haven't felt like coffee.

Currently reading: Caffeine Blues about the hidden dangers of caffeine. I love my coffee, I really do. I have considered cutting down, but I like the ritual of having a cuppa. And I am not sure what I would replace it with. I love sipping on something. Anyway, it's an interesting read.

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