Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Day 1 of fasting - not so fast!

Well day 1 turned out to be just caloric restriction and not real fasting. Why?

Because I had such a bad night's sleep the night before, that I woke up really grumpy and tired, and that lack of sleep made me hungry! So I decided to load up on a fatty breakfast, which helped me feel better, and I thought I would fast from there. However, I got super hungry and irritable around 11ish, and I was getting irritable with my child, so I decided to eat something small, which I did. I felt instantly better,

I then ate a bit of bacon again at 2 and then I kept supper very small.

In the night, I woke up with intense hunger pangs - I was really feeling them! I ignored them and tried to go back to sleep, which I did eventually.

So this morning I would have thought I would have been groggy/grumpy/hungry but I am not. I feel as if I have more energy than I normally do in the morning, which is weird. I have had just one cup of coffee with a little cream and milk and that is it.

I hope to go through the whole of today with no food.

Interestingly, I feel a touch leaner today, but the scale is a teeny bit heavier this morning than yesterday, which I find very hard to explain.

I feel "stiffer" this morning, but that is not serious.

But my mind is clearer and sharper this morning, definitely.

Wish me luck. I am wishing myself luck.

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