Thursday, December 29, 2016

Fitness Diary and how to lose weight

Wednesday 28th December 2016
My weight this morning before my BM (bowel movement) - 51.9kg.
I have picked up the 900 gms I lost from my fast. Not too bad, I'd say. After Christmas I thought I would have picked up more weight.

Waist: 66.8cm/67cm. Somewhere there. It's hard to always get the tension on the tape correct.

My brother sent me a very interesting message last night. He is asking my help in devising a weight loss diet plan. Now he is a runner. He ran Comrades last year at such a light weight, I don't know for sure that he can lose any more. But maybe he has picked up weight now and needs to lose again.

Here's what I know for sure about weight loss - this is my own experience and not necessarily what will work for others: you have to be willing to make friends with hunger. You have to allow your body to FEEL hungry and you have to ignore that feeling for some of the time. Not that you can't eat, but in order to tap into your own body fat, you need to allow hunger. That is the only way.

Feel hunger, don't feed the hunger, then your body has no choice but to burn it's body fat.

Now this could be cutting calories. By calories, I just mean, cutting back a bit on food. Or it could mean some sort of fasting schedule.

Here is what I have seen in my own body with low carb - I can keep a constant healthy weight, but I don't drop weight if I am simply eating low carb. To drop weight lower than my body wants, I have to cut out some incoming food. It could be cutting out fat, total food, or both.

So when I eat low carb, I stay around 52kg. It's great. But the fat on my butt is THERE and unless I do something different, it won't budge. To lose that fat, I would need to drop about 2kg of body fat, and in order to do that, I would have to GET HUNGRY. I am sorry to say that but it's true.

Now, here is the thing this last 36 hour fast taught me: hunger is not the same as low blood sugar. Low blood sugar is like a crisis. It feels like a crisis to me, I get all hot and cold, shaky and sometimes even sweaty. But hunger is not a crisis at all. I can ignore it. I can carry on. In fact, that day of my fast, I felt brilliant and clear headed and my mood was improved. Go figure.

I want to fast again, but I am not sure about one thing: why did my blood sugar drop so low the next day? And were my ketones elevated enough to see me through? Is that safe? Would I have been ok if I had carried on? I didn't feel delirious but I did feel a bit weak. Could I have pushed myself through? Probably yes.

My blood sugar this morning read 5 mml. Higher than I would have imagined.

Thursday 29th December 2016

My blood sugar was much better this morning: 4.4ml. And yet, oddly enough, I ate a piece of cake yesterday afternoon. But my weight is up. 52.6kgs.

I have bad cake cravings lately.

Not chocolate cravings, but CAKE cravings.

And now, today I am so excited as I am about to meet this little guy: my new pup to be. These pics are from the breeder. The pup is coming on the plane from Jhb today. Gosh I can't wait.

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