Thursday, December 8, 2016

I love Elizabeth Berg

Now that I have officially taken a break from gym and not going in regularly (went yesterday and did a short little workout) I am taking time out to "smell" the flowers, and appreciate other aspects of life. Life is good.

I am relaxing.

It's also relaxing now that my child doesn't have to get to school (it's holidays), so we are not rushing anywhere in the mornings.

I wish I could remain this relaxed and chilled.

I usually find that most mornings, I am shouting. A lot. My poor kid. But now I am unwinding a bit, and truly realising how stressed I have actually been, I am not shouting any more. I don't want to shout at him. I hope I can stop being dragon morning mom next year.

I finally found a book of Elizabeth Berg's that I had not read, a collection of short pieces by her from her social media sites, and I feel SO much more Zen.

I need to be more Zen.

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