Monday, January 16, 2017

A cold rainy Monday

This weekend was lovely and hot. I swam and tanned with my little family. Now the weather has turned so dramatically. It's stormy and rainy and windy and cold. Kind of a metaphor for life. Up and down. Hot and cold. Sunny, then rainy.

My man and I fasted over breakfast yesterday. Again, by fasted, I mean I still had my one cup of morning coffee, and then didn't eat. But I reckon that one cup of coffee is fine. It helps.

I broke the fast at 11:30 by popping some of my son's leftover toast and egg into my mouth. By then I was pretty starving. It was also, oddly enough, harder to fast WITH my partner than on my own. It's like we had to keep checking in with one another and that made me a bit nervous and a tad more hungry. Or conscious of being hungry, at least. I am getting much more comfortable with skipping a meal here and there, or doing a day of fasting. I haven't done a full day again, but I do want to. I feel amazing even just skipping breakfast. I got SO much accomplished by 9am! Which always makes me think how much time and energy gets taken up by FOOD.

Thinking of what to eat, and by what time to eat, and how much to eat, blah blah...etc. It's so freeing to just NOT eat for a period of time.

Then when I did eat, I ate less. I don't know why fasting does that, but it enables me to NOT pig out.

Appetite definitely comes from eating, and not eating definitely promotes a smaller appetite.

I felt so much clearer, mentally, even just from skipping breakfast. And I slept so well. And today I feel so refreshed this morning.

I definitely like fasting. Even short ones.

I still haven't weighed myself at home - the scale is packed away! I did, however, hop on the scale at gym on Friday. But I won't do it anymore.

I am committed to a WHOLE year of not buying clothes and shoes. I really really want to do it.

I am also committed to cutting out/down junk. I am doing better with this now that my emotions are settling after my dad's death. I still feel weird/odd knowing that he is gone, just like that. It's so final. But I am getting to a point where I am accepting it. I feel sad knowing that he will never see my son grow up. That does make my heart heavy. But I trust the divine plan. I have to.

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