Thursday, January 19, 2017

Another successful short fast

So yesterday my partner and I fasted - we did a 24 hour fast - meaning, we didn't eat from the previous night's supper until the following night's supper. Essentially we skipped breakfast and lunch.

Well, this was, by far, the easiest fast I have had. I did have three cups of coffee, I admit - all three cups in the morning. The last cup was around 9am - and it was a cappuccino out at Wimpy. So that cup was not good - it was a milky one. But the two at home - I put so little milk and cream that the cups are not much in the way of calories. They just help me to stay sane.

So come supper time, even though we ate, I felt as if I could quite comfortably go without eating. I did, however, have a little too much vodka. I wanted a drink with my meal - I don't know why - but I should have stopped after two vodka's. Anyways - lesson learnt. I had four. I didn't sleep quite as well, and I am a little hung over/tired feeling today.

However, my waist has come down. It's close to 65cm! Woohoo.

I FEEL a bit slimmer to myself.

But now, today, I must admit, I don't want to fast. I ate breakfast. And I am nibbling now. And I am feeling like I could eat well today. Which is great. I am trying not to overwhelm myself with too much food though.

The best part is that I went to gym yesterday and felt quite ok. I worked out and felt fine. My strength is not the best, but that is also due in part to the fact that I haven't BEEN to gym in ages.

So even after my gym workout, I didn't eat. And I hardly got any hunger pangs. Just a few mild ones. I probably felt cooler and not so hot due to fasting, which was good, as yesterday it was just SO damn hot.

I haven't weighed myself.

My partner even said that perhaps it would be good to just eat once a day. It's quite freeing not eating all day long. I think, either eat once a day, or, do alternate day fasting. One day no eating, one day eating.

My varicose veins are still not aching. Yay!

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