Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Blood sugar readings

This morning after one cup of coffee with milk and one square of Lindt - 6.2 on one finger, 5.9 on the other. Higher than I thought on this way of eating. My usual morning blood sugar reading is usually lower.

It was higher today at times than I expected. 6.2 even though I didn't eat breakfast. Weird.

We went out to lunch, I ate quite a lean steak and a cappuccino. My blood sugar afterwards, about an hour later, was also around 6.2 - higher than I expected.

It seems that eating fat with meat does lower the blood sugar.

Supper was lamb shank - fatty enough. I didn't eat too much, but I did eat enough. Post supper: 5.3mml/L.

I am back to zero carb.

I am still convinced it's a good way. It makes so much sense. I think sometimes fruit is good though, too. Not loads, just a bit now and then.

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