Monday, January 30, 2017

Blood Test results

So far I have had three of my four test results back.

My fasting insulin is ridiculously low - lower than normal. I am happy with that. You would think then that I would be super skinny. Not so. I am still normal, healthy weight, and in fact I am battling to get to my previous skinnier weight.

Not that I am unhappy - no - I am very happy with my weight.
Pic from 25 Jan 2017 - just recently. No weight problem. Very happy with my healthy weight. Even some definition visible in my legs. 

Don't laugh but this is my tummy bloated. I know, looking at this pic with fresh eyes, I can hardly see the bloat. It's a little bigger. Oh dear. I am thrilled with the muscle I have managed to build in my arms. 

The pic on the left is recent - taken yesterday, the pic on the right is taken just before the boat cruise. So Nov 2016 on the right, Jan 2017 on the left. I think I look a little leaner now, but the lighting is different so it's deceiving. I never really change much. I am very lucky. My body, overall, remains the same, almost no matter what I do. It's a blessing and a small curse. I say small curse, because I feel I work SO hard in the gym and I battle to change much, and yet, it's a blessing too because even if I don't go to gym, I don't put on weight. 

Would I like to drop down a bit just because? Yes. Why? I have no idea. Sometimes I like to drop my weight lower just to see if I can. I have this crazy and weird fear that as I age I will lose my ability to be so lean.

Yes I am nuts, I am obsessed. I have this fear of getting a huge round tummy like my mother. She inherited her mother's round tummy (my grandmother's tummy). So I am obsessed with staying lean and keeping my tummy flat. I am pretty much always trying to suck my tummy in.

My liver test results were all normal except for two values: one was high, one was low. I assume they are not serious - I feel pretty healthy and I feel well. Except for one small concern: I have lately noticed a pain in my left thumb joint. I hope it's not early arthritis.

I am going to re-commit AGAIN to a healthier diet. Once again, I recommit to cleaner eating. By which I mean: all natural. I ideally like to be zero carb but mentally, I just battle. So if I can, I will. If I can't, I won't .

If I eat some veggies, it's really not the end of the world.

I love fresh dates and I bought some the other day. They taste like caramelized sugar to me - yet they are natural.

On Friday and Saturday I had some flour - gasp, horror - and it did clog up my bowels. I had no BM (bowel movement) for two days! Then yesterday I had three! Tee hee.

So yes, I am on a continual quest for health. Lately I have been having artificial sweeteners again - I don't know why. Sometimes I just want sweetness, which I suppose is a natural craving. I don't believe in my heart of hearts that they can be good, but I do know that a little won't do much harm.

I now anxiously and eagerly await my HbA1c test result. That will be the true test.

Now that I am 38 going on 39, I just want to age well. I realise now that I can't fight my aging, so I just ask God that I age as well as possible.

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