Tuesday, January 31, 2017

HbA1c - Normal - and a squishy belly

My result this time was exactly the same as my last test - 5.1%. Even with the boat cruise sugar, and even after stuffing my face with cake and shit after my dad died!

Gosh, so clearly I am very insulin sensitive. I am truly a lucky one. A blessed one. Well, let me correct that by saying: I work hard for that luck. I work out. I run. I weight train. I eat mostly right. I drink in moderation. (Yes, sometimes I go overboard, but not often.) I don't smoke.

I am happy with that. Would I like a lower HbA1c? Yes. I would very much like to bring it down to 4.5% or somewhere like that.

But I won't look any good result gift-horse in the mouth! I am a healthy, healthy 38 year old! Hooray!

Now just a word on my stomach, and what I do truly believe is going on when it gets "loose and squishy-feeling" on low carb/zero carb. Today I am constipated again - a little blocked up - and my stomach is hard. I can feel the fullness, and that feeling is pushing from my insides, out and against my lower abs. Which results in my tummy feeling firmer. When I stand or when I lie down, my lower belly FEELS firm. I can tighten my lower abs and there is something from the inside pressing up against them, giving them a firm feeling. When I am "empty" and not blocked up then my lower belly goes very squishy as there is no firmness within me - no colon full of shit, basically, sorry to say it like that but it's the truth - and so my belly "gives" easily. It's just an illusion.

What I need to really work on is my body fat percentage, and forget about the volume of food and waste in my intestines. I want to lose about a percent of body fat.

Today my blood pressure registered very low - I normally have low blood pressure - and so even though I tried to donate blood, they would not allow me.

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