Friday, January 27, 2017

Mixed thoughts

I fasted today for blood tests: I tested my HBA1C, my fasting insulin, my liver enzymes, and my C-Reactive protein.

Can't wait for the results!

I then came home, had most of a cup of coffee and some coconut (fresh) and then went and did a pretty good gym workout.

I was worried about going without coffee in the morning, but once I got past my usual coffee hour, I was actually fine. I felt quite okay. I even debated whether I really need coffee in the mornings.

I am just not able to stick to zero carb. I love it, the whole way of eating, but I just can't.

The best I can do is this: eat mostly from the animal kingdom, but not worry about including plants. It's really not that big of a deal. I have no allergies, or health issues, that I know of, and avoiding so many things can become a stress in and of itself.

I will just have to do my very best to listen to my true hunger, and eat when hungry and stop when full. Keep it as simple as that.

NO foods on the forbidden list, but make food choices out of awareness.

I love fasting - even the short bit I did this morning was so wonderful. I felt SO good. I even felt great right up until I ate at 12:30 - so I had fasted from the night before, and just had a bit of coffee and a few coconut pieces - really little - until lunch time.

Doing that makes me appreciate food and gets me back in touch with my body.

Looking back on old pics and videos, I realise how darn SKINNY my arms were. I know they still are, but not nearly as sickly skinny as they were back then. I looked all out of proportion too.

Today is good. Good day. Happy. My son is happy. His friends are here playing.

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