Thursday, January 5, 2017

More thoughts on Zero Carb

Benefits I notice, personally, on zero carb:

1) Very clear headed. Mentally alert.
2) Sleep is much improved. I sleep so well.
3) Even when I don't sleep well, I feel ok.
4) I eat better and I don't crave "bad" foods as much.
5) I am more inclined to have bone broth and eat the grisel off the bones - thereby getting in my minerals.
6) I eat more liver. More nutrients.
7) I cramp far less, and I am sure, if I don't drink any alcohol, I would cramp not at all.
8) I generally just feel WELL on this way of eating.
9) Far easier to do and to stick to than LCHF which has too much variety, too many options and where I find I eat too many nuts.
10) It encourages me to feed my pets zero carb too, which is good for them too.

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