Tuesday, January 3, 2017

What if I DIDN'T weigh myself for a whole year?

How interesting.

I just wondered that this morning. Why on earth do I persist in weighing myself daily? Ok, not daily, but ALMOST daily. What if I just STOPPED that shit? It's not like the scale will make much of a difference to my life.

Do you know how much mental energy I devote to worrying about the numbers on the scale? It's so stupid!

I should be judging my diet/food choices based on how they make me feel, and NOT on how much they make me weigh. I should be paying attention to my energy levels, my mental alertness, my Candida symptoms (which were BAD after the boat cruise, let me remind myself) and my pain and  bloating.

So now I am giving zero carb (with coffee still kept in) another go. Yesterday I had one sucralose sweetened can of Bitter Lemon from Woolies, it was my last one. I hope to not buy any more, but if I do, I won't throw in the towel, as sweetener does not give me Candida like sugar does. Nor do I crave more sweetener.

But my point is, I should and I will judge zero carb and any other diet tweaks based on how I feel inside.

I don't really know if I can go a WHOLE year without weighing myself, but perhaps I can. I can put it away, and I can see how I go. I love this idea.

Whose with me?

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