Thursday, February 2, 2017

Meditation Sanity

Today I sat outside, with my cup of coffee and "meditated" again for about half an hour. I put that in inverted commas because I just sat and watched the trees, looked at the sky and got quiet inside.

SO vital.

I need to do that MORE.

I feel ready to tackle the day.

I feel healed inside.

Food is healing, but so is mental clarity. Meditation. Inner space.

Here is the thing with zero carb that I struggle with: mentally, limiting myself so much. I live in a modern world, where there ARE so many nice foods - and "hack" foods too (artificial sweeteners) and wine and nicely cultivated fruit and veggies.

It's difficult to limit the palate and the mind.

I would not want to go back to being a caveman who has to hunt for his food. I would not even want to be a modern hunter-gatherer type. I just want to enjoy my health as far as possible.

Having said all that: I must also be careful that the fear of disease and getting older is not greater than my enjoyment of life. What good is eating zero carb or eating clean or whatever, if I am not enjoying my days?

Sometimes I am far too stressed over what I eat or don't eat.

Sometimes I worry and google too much.

Other times, I get bored. The truth is, I probably need to work. I am an intelligent woman, whose brain is a little wasted. However, I like being home and being home with my child. I like being a hands on mom. I like doing things with him.

I need to accept that I DO live in a modern world where we eat out, where we have foods of agriculture and where things are busy and stressful.

I will just leave this awesome blog post here, where you can read about trying to live your best life in this modern world.

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