Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Precious moments

Moving away from diet to motherhood.

The past two nights, I have laid down in the bed with my seven year old just before he goes to sleep and we "talk". He loves it. It's so special. I actually have really enjoyed that time. The first night we did it - just spontaneously - he told me all about the different robotic/sci-fi things he wanted to invent - and I was actually quite blown away by how clever and imaginative he is.

Last night I told him a bit about what I can remember from when I was seven, and he chatted to me about his day at school. This is the blessing: I have a son who WANTS to tell me things. I must not take that for granted. It's not always easy to get a child to talk to you, I mean, REALLY talk to you. It takes true, real listening. I think this is something I want to continue doing with him, as I think it will be a good "habit" for the future, when he really will need to offload his feelings and his day to me.


  1. Having a child who wants to talk to you and share with you is such a gift. I've been blessed with daughters who love chatting to me. It served us really well when they were growing up, I really knew what made them tick and what was going on in their lives. And now that they are adults we are genuinely the best of friends... all because we started talking and basically never stopped. :-)

  2. Hi Gill! Thanks for commenting, gosh, I didn't even know anyone was actually reading my blog anymore. Now I feel a touch embarrassed, as I basically write it for me - almost like a diary entry. Lol. But you are so true - having a child that wants to talk to you IS such a gift. My mom allowed me to truly open up as a child and I am so blessed to have had that - I can FEEL how it allowed me to be ok with my feelings. I want the same for my son.


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