Sunday, February 12, 2017

Thrush AGAIN! And a new puppy called Nitro.

Oh gosh, I can't believe it, thrush on my tongue AGAIN!

And I know almost exactly what it's from. Skinny Diva spirit cooler drinks. You see, we were expecting a couple (friends of my partner) to come over for a braai, so last weekend I bought a six pack of them. I don't know why. I suppose I thought the new-mom (couple have just had a baby) might like one. I regret buying them now. So anyway, the braai fell through, and so I have had just ONE Skinny Diva a day  since Tuesday. Which totals four. And yesterday I woke up with thrush growing on my tongue again. Which just shows me - there is definitely, definitely a fair amount of sugar in that drink. I had another Skinny Diva yesterday seeing as I had bought and taken an anti-thrush tablet but I know it's not good for me.

This is my bodies way of telling me how bad sugar is. My body is sensitive and doesn't do well with sugar. On the plus side, though, it raised my blood pressure enough to allow me to donate blood again. I am guessing it's from the sugar. Or the fact that I had my son shopping with me. Lol. He talks so much that I end up losing my concentration and forgetting what to buy - and so yes, my blood pressure must go up with him around I am sure. But at least I donated blood safely and didn't feel faint. So I have done two donations recently. I had stopped for a long time due to always feeling faint afterwards, but it seems like I am better now.

I donate because I believe it's the right thing to do. One day if I need a transfusion I will be SO grateful to the people who give up their time and blood.
Meet Nitro! Cool name, I think. 

It's crazy in our house at the moment as we now have another puppy! This new puppy is our older Amstaff's replacement, as he is our main protection. So, in total, we have two puppies, three adult dogs and one cat. Six pets. Gosh. Surprisingly they all get along well. It's actually helpful to have two puppies together as they play together nicely. Before this new one arrived, our Frenchie was taunting the Pekinese and I felt sorry for the poor Peke.

But this is the LAST of new animals for a long time. I am pretty exhausted. And our house smells of puppy pee. I can't wait for them all to be house-trained.

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