Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Nitro's Leg Part Two, and a bit of running.

Yesterday I took part in a 5km fun run for Hospice, and I ran a PB (personal best) time of around 27 mins! Hooray! I was the second lady home too! Happy dance! I would have been the first, as I was leading until over halfway, but a strong woman overtook me when I had to stop and walk a bit to catch my breath. I need to practice not needing to walk for 5kms.

In other running news: I have bought myself a pair of Vibram five fingers shoes. I did a run in them and I was thrilled with how they felt.
The Vibrams are supposed to feel as close to barefoot as possible. I think they are pretty close. The only thing is that the fabric between the toes is a little clumsy. But they are very comfy overall.


His leg is healing well, apparently. He is being kenneled in Hillcrest, at the surgeon's practice, for two weeks. Then he will come home for another four weeks. They recommended he stay there initially for the wounds to heal a bit, and for the sister to keep an eye on him.

Nitro before his op: look how skew his paw was due to the one bone curling around the other. 

My mom took this picture when she went to visit him.
My mother, who lives nearby, goes to visit Nitro and sends me updates and pics. 

We are praying that all goes well and that he heals well. Here he is with his "cone":

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