Sunday, April 2, 2017

Nitro our puppy is home

I brought Nitro home last Wednesday.

Keeping a puppy calm is NOT easy. Their natural inclination is to jump around.

He has been kenneled at the vet for two weeks - he has been kept very confined.

My clever husband built a cage for him so we keep him mostly in there but we take him out often for walks and food and toilet. The walks have to be calm and controlled. We did try let him off leash, but then he is liable to just take off in a run, if he sees something of interest.

I have to clean his pins (the huge metal screws going in and out of his leg) every day or every second day, depending on the puss that comes out.

Now, it's Sunday morning, and I have him calmly lying at my feet in the lounge. I have the other dogs outside except for the calm Pekinese. The Peke is a young dog but he acts like an "old soul". He is calm, he is sensitive to tones of voice, and he is my shadow. He just watches Nitro and doesn't excite him.

Sitting calmly with the puppy here now is making me feel very meditative. It's a beautiful Sunday.

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