Friday, April 7, 2017

Nitro's leg, and roots, and my mom.

Here is a pic of Nitro's leg and the "bionic" metal pins. I have to clean the holes every day to every second day. It's quite a process but I am getting good at it. I could be a nurse! The trick is to not stress about hurting the "patient" - just be confident with what you are doing.

Shame, poor pup, he has about two more weeks, then we go back to the specialist and see what he says.

My mom came to visit for three days - I am helping her with her car repairs. It is always lovely to see my mom. She really is a light in my life. An interesting little tidbit: my mom has Banted, or followed LCHF since April 2014, when I introduced her to the concept and I started as well. She hasn't once deviated, or doubted it. Yes, on the odd occasion she has had a bit of a dessert, but not often at all. Her weight dropped very slowly, but steadily, and seemed to stop around 56/55kgs. She was thrilled with that as, previously, she was around 70kgs. Now, all of a sudden, her weight has dropped to 53kgs. It's like her body has just shifted again. Perhaps her hormones are balancing better. Just shows you, never give up on your healthy diet.

And after a nice three month break of not doing my hair, I got my roots touched up. I think I quite like the darker roots although, I also like the blonder look too. What are your thoughts?
See, no make up. I am getting braver with going without make up these days. 

After a THIRD bought of tongue thrush, I have decided, that's it, enough is enough, NO more sugar for me. EVER! (Until I cave and eat cake again....I am an addict, I realise that now.)

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