Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Hello 2018

Ah, I am slowly bringing my mind into the New Year. It's so lovely, actually, not having to do the school run in the mornings. I feel rested. Our time away in the Transkei was so restorative: I can't explain how soothing it was to have NO internet. Makes me think how the internet is very stressful at times.

Don't get me wrong, I love being connected, especially when I'm at home and not planning to go out. I enjoy YouTube very much, as I learn so much.

I love Instagram but I also find I feel very depressed, mostly, after scrolling. Which is why I have started my "smile" challenge on Instagram. I am posting silly, no-make up, totally natural selfies. I want to spread a good feeling on social media, rather than make people feel like they can't compete or keep up. An image is always, ALWAYS so very deceiving, and then, if you had to see that person in real life, you'd think "Oh my God, they're only human." I am hoping to try to show the human side of myself and get people to think "Phew". But heck, I am just one small little fish in the huge wide social media world. What impact do I have? But maybe, just maybe, I make one woman feel ok about the skin she's in.

I know I tend to think that there is a "magic" diet out there that can "cure" most of our ailments. But I fear that this is probably wishful thinking.

My word for 2018 is SIMPLICITY. I want to keep my life as simple and as stress free as humanly possible. I really do.

Currently I am not wearing make up and therefore I find I have no need to wash my face. Before you say "ew, how gross" hear me out. I DO rinse it with hot water, of course, when I am standing in the shower. I rinse off everywhere. But I don't need to use a cleanser, because there is no make up to remove. This in turn doesn't dry my skin out, which, in turn, doesn't then need me to moisturize.

I mean, think about it: how often do you scrub and cleanse the skin on your back? Or upper thighs? There really is no need. We all just need to rinse off. I do wash my armpits, of course. And my "bits". But I am just seeing if my face actually needs scrubbing, and it turns out, it doesn't. It's probably more beneficial for the skin bacteria NOT to be cleaned off constantly. Apparently we need those poor little critters.

So anyway, not spending money on face creams will be a huge plus. I am also moisturizing my skin less in general, and if so, only using coconut oil. I mean, who says a lotion helps anyway? It gives the illusion of moisture, sure, but I see that most older ladies, regardless of all the lotions in the world, have drier, older skin. There is simply no real cure. The best bet, really, is probably the nourishment you take in from the inside. And on that topic, there is so much debate that I really don't know what the answer is.

However, once again, I am being drawn back towards Zero Carb. I can't really explain it. Something about the way it made me feel. Peaceful, I guess. And the good feelings from it were memorable enough. At the moment I am not ZC but I am almost there. I am having miniscule amounts of non-animal foods. Like today, some nuts and a quarter avo. But that's it. I am not rushing to eat veggies. I am filling up on animal products. And I feel pretty darn good!

Ideally I'd love to give it a decent go in 2018. I am not going to overthink it this time, nor am I going to document every small change or perceived change. I am going to continue to just be intuitive. Let's see. I want things to be very easy this year. And practical. And I want to stop chasing things that appear to be ideals but are actually not. I just want to freakin' well relax!

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