Why choose me to be your coach?

First and foremost, because I am LIVING this lifestyle. I am practicing what I preach and I will never, ever tell you to do something that I haven't tested out on myself.

I truly, honestly believe LCHF (low carb high fat) or, as Sally Ann Creed now calls it, Low Carb REAL food to be the healthiest way to eat.

I have tried other ways. I have done the low, and the very low fat thing. Yes, I lost weight. I can't lie about that. I lost weight fast. But, for me, it wasn't sustainable and it messed with my mind. I was CONSTANTLY thinking about food and counting calories (which I now know is useless) and I then craved sweet stuff ALL the time. Going too low fat, for me, made me want all the wrong foods - and often I would binge on them: chocolate, cookies, cakes, twinkies. All those processed, refined, baked goods. Now, I can truly and honestly tell you I don't think about them at all.

This way of eating is the only way that got me off all sugar and all sweeteners. When I was doing the low fat, high protein gym diet I replaced sugar with sweeteners and ended up relying on sweeteners a lot. This bothered me. In the back of my mind, I always wondered what harm they were really doing to me. I have read studies that argue both sides of the case, but at the end of the day, I am someone who likes to play it safe. Why take a chance? Maybe some of these sweeteners are not as harmful as some lead us to believe, but what if they are? I am so glad that I am off ALL sweet additives, and now I no longer crave sweet things. If I can do it, you can too! (I used to be the Queen of Chocolate and Chocolate Cake, so much so I even wrote a poem about chocolate cake!!!)

I have seen my whole family benefit from this way of eating, and I am proud to say that I introduced them all to it.

My mother lost over 20kgs with no exercise, and her IBS totally went away. She resolved many health issues, and looks about ten years younger! My stepfather, who just went along with this way of eating because my mother was doing it, lost weight too, and he wasn't in it to lose weight.

My brother gave LCHF a try, and became a marathon runner overnight! (He too, lost weight.)

My husband lowered his triglycerides within three months of eating this way - which is very powerful considering that raised trigs is a huge risk factor for heart disease and there is NO medication available that can lower triglycerides otherwise. Can I just repeat that for you? Raised triglycerides, in and of themselves, are a HUGE heart disease marker, and there is NO medication to lower them. Diet is the only thing. And within just three months, his went down. Powerful stuff.

I would love to help YOU! Let's get you healthy first with weight-loss as a by-product of that.

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