Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Let's all just RELAX

Sometimes I want to just scream that out loud. RELAX people! The world is going so fast, we all have a million gazillion things to do and we hardly even look at each other, let alone listen to each other any more.

I know how difficult it is to slow down. It's almost impossible. There is always too much to do right? I don't have a 9-5 job, currently, and yet I am still always busy. I am busy being a mom and doing all the household tasks, as well as freelance work and other work. But I don't technically go to work at the moment. So I should be as relaxed as a cat, right?

But there are days when I hardly stop to take a breath. It's just crazy. So this little post is to myself as much as to anyone who may chance to read this. STOP. Take five minutes. Breathe. Get back into the Now. There is nowhere to go. This moment right here is where it's all happening. This moment I can choose to smile and relax or tense up and frown. My productivity, and the outcome, ironically will probably be better if I slow down and relax. In fact, I know it will be better, because how many times in the past have I made errors when I am rushing, and multi-tasking? Too many.

So today, dear me and dear you, let's relax for five minutes and re-set.

With love

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