Friday, May 8, 2015

A child's compassion

So my five year old had to have both teeth pulled out. Today was his first day back at school after four days off, sporting his gummy smile where his front teeth should be. And immediately this little girl in his class came up to him to see how he was. She looked at him with such concerned big brown eyes, and then we related the story of what happened to his teeth to her, and she looked even more concerned and asked him "Is it sore?" and then she gave him a gentle, loving hug and put her arm protectively around his shoulder, as if to shield him from the world and further pain.

It was very touching. The loving care of a child for another child. What a wonderful sight. And even though they are in the same class, they are not even "friends" - meaning they don't play with one another at break times.

Watching this little girl display such compassion gave me hope - for her, for my son, for the world in general. There is so much goodness around, we just have to be there to see it. There are these precious moments going on every day! And the goodness is inherent in us, we just need to remember it sometimes.

I'm sure you've also had moments like these, where you've witnessed such amazing human kindness. Isn't it wonderful? Doesn't it make life extremely bearable?

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