Friday, August 28, 2015

My experience using L'occitane South Africa's online site

I have heard about a brand called L'occitane, but it wasn't until I saw it's new store in Gateway that I became curious to try it. I didn't have time to browse when I passed the Gateway store, so I just had a quick look around and tried a small bit of their Divine Cream on my hand and then left. But on the drive home (my hubby was driving) I kept feeling the skin on my test hand and noticed that it felt much softer and smoother than my other hand.

Now, a quick warning: The L'occitane Divine Cream comes with a hefty price: R 1 390! Gasp. Which is also why I walked out of the Gateway store quite quickly. However, I was so captivated with how lovely the skin on my hand felt after just that small amount of cream I applied to it, that I decided to browse the product and the brand online. A girl can dream, can't she?

I found that L'occitane does indeed have an online store in South Africa and so I looked around the site and read up on all their products. I headed over to the reviews for the Divine Cream and they were all positive, although there were only three reviews. So I went to look at other sites, blogs and general reviews of the cream and most of them were very positive.Customers also said that a little drop of the cream goes a long way, which, considering the price of the stuff, is a real plus. One lady even said her jar lasted six months!  The only real criticism I could find was the odd person having a bad reaction to something in the cream if they have a very sensitive skin. But my skin generally tolerates all creams well so I wasn't concerned with having a bad reaction.

I really wanted to try the Divine Cream by now, properly, not just on my hand. I was also gaining confidence in L'occitane in general after positive reviews of many of their other products too. As much as I know that a fancy cream won't buy me happiness, which is, honestly, what I have sometimes believed in the past, I also feel that sometimes it's okay to treat oneself. I spoke to my hubby about this and he very nicely said he was happy to spoil me if it was something I really wanted.

I haven't bought an expensive cream in years, and whilst I find that cheap creams are okay, sometimes they leave my skin feeling dry, even when I slather on lots. As I have gotten older I find that even though my skin is oily it's also dry. Weird because it shines with that oily film by the end of the day and yet can still feel dry and tight. So I convinced myself that it was time to try a high end cream again.

I was a little nervous to order off their website but seeing as I live so far away from the Gateway store I had no option but to try it.

I am very happy to report that the whole transaction went smoothly and easily. My only gripe was that there was no option to do an EFT payment, so you have to pay with a credit card. When I buy from I usually do an EFT transfer as my husband feels this is a safer way to shop online. But with L'occitane I had to enter credit card details. He is so nervous they will take off our account but I have assured him that online shopping is generally safe nowadays.

I am also happy to report that within three days my parcel arrived, (the website says delivery takes 1-4 days) and the day before it arrived I received an email saying it was dispatched. It came very nicely packed in a box with two samples of their other products. Now, you get to choose your samples online - however, the website allowed me to pick three samples, and only two arrived. I can't really complain, because these are free, but I was a little disappointed that the hair masque sample I was eager to try out didn't arrive.

However, overall I say well done to L'occitane and their online store. They turned out to be safe and user friendly and I would say you could give them a try.

Now, I can't wait to review the Divine Cream properly after I have used it for a while.

PS: This blog was supposed to NOT be for superficial things, but then again, I am only human and I like to share good experiences too.  

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