Thursday, September 10, 2015

Some days...

I am just tired even when I wake up. Do you ever find that?

I wonder why that is? Today was one of those days. I just woke up and felt exhausted. I reckon sometimes it's my mind that is burdening me with loads of unnecessary thoughts. And I have noticed that no matter how busy or quiet my life actually is, I can have a "tired" day. Which is why I think that more often than not, the tiredness is mind-generated.

Like today, for example, I have nothing major going on. I have my work to do (I am blogging in between painting) and then I have gym (if I chose to go) and then I will fetch my son from playschool, etc. And yet, I could not get going this morning. And so I decided to try my best to switch my mind off, get present and just BE.

And it has helped.

I feel a little more refreshed, a little more able to cope with my day.

Sometimes I wonder if I am lacking in a vitamin of some sort, but I eat pretty healthily, so I feel sure that I get my essentials in, plus, I do supplement.

Nah, I still think that, no matter what, modern life is just tiring. It's TV and irritating adverts, it's the internet, it's our phones and whatsapp, it's the school constantly wanting donations or muffins for the sports day or whatever, it's playdates for the kid, it's the renovations that are never-ending and painstakingly slow on our even though I can't say I have any major stress, a thousand small invasions into my time and my mind all add up.
Plus, I am stressing over one small thing: tomorrow I am going to my hairdresser for a few highlights...which I wasn't going to do - I was planning on giving my hair a long break from bleach since I bleached my whole head myself a while ago - BUT - she said she has Olaplex in her salon and has used it on her own hair and she is convinced it works. Bailey of Vanilla Blonde has blogged about it and raved. It claims to rebuild broken bonds in the hair, allowing the hair to take a lot more of a hammering, chemically speaking, from bleach, colour and perming. So I am crossing my fingers and toes that when I get a few highlights done my hair will withstand it and not break off. I will blog about it afterwards. I am a huge skeptic when it comes to "miraculous" claims by products, but I am going with an open mind and will see what happens.

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